about evergood workshop


Hello there!

debrajoimmergut.2 I’m Debra Jo Immergut, proprietor of Evergood* Workshop.

I write fiction, including my 2018 novel The Captives, published in the U.S. by Ecco Books/HarperCollins and in a dozen other countries around the world by other publishers, and You Again, forthcoming in 2020 from Ecco/HC. Find out more my novels at my other website, debrajoimmergut.com.

I also produce words and images for a range of design-minded editorial clients. You can see my journalism portfolio right here at Evergood Workshop.

I live in the gorgeous hills of western Massachusetts.

contact me at       dimmergut at gmail dot com

find me on twitter        @debraimmergut

*Evergood = Immergut (German: immer = ever; gut = good)

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